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For now the novel "Waves, sand, traces" is available only in the Romanian language.

Waves, sand, traces

Alexandru Patachi

Emil, a disillusioned corporate employee, stranded on a beach shore in search of answers to existential questions, is brought back to reality by events that shatter the worry-free life bubble he had wrapped around the people he met at the beach.

Waves, sand, traces… A story about the choices we make in life, in love and in our memories.

about the author:

A Transylvanian-born writer with studies in economics and marketing, passionate traveler, always eager to discover new meridians and characters through speech and, more recently, photography, Alexandru Patachi incites the world to tolerance, freedom, love and beauty with that original dose of self-irony that characterizes him.


"I really enjoyed the way the characters were constructed as well as their actions. I found pieces of myself in several characters, sometimes as their friend while other times questioning their decisions. But later on, I understood the motives behind their actions and caused me to love them again. That’s how I realized how judgmental we are in our everyday life, without taking into account the reasons behind certain behaviors." - Ramona D.

"The author was able to write a story that catches the reader in his net and steals him away for a few hours, taking him to the beach, where he puts him face to face with an ideal life, but at the same time having him face reality. It is a book that makes you reflect on your past decisions and how they brought you to where you are today. And all of this awareness takes place through the eyes of Emil, through his decision-making and the choices he makes in the crucial moments of his story. I highly recommended it! It is an enjoyable reading yet thought-provoking at the same time." - Eva H.

"I enjoyed reading it very much! Despite its contemporary setting, the book deals with mankind’s age-old quest: how to create an authentic life, governed by your own rules and desires in a society that would have you molded into its established pattern. How to find a balance between what we want and what we should do." - Ramona I.

"I highly recommend Waves, sand, traces, a novel that discusses a current topic. Emil as a young corporate employee, sick of his daily routine brought upon by his job, tired of the society’s pressure to conform, decides one day to isolate himself for a whole summer at the beach, in an effort to find himself, to play by his own rules and to enjoy some much-needed freedom. “Carpe diem” would sum up his life. I liked the topic picked by the author as well as his writing style; the way he builds up the dialogue, the irony of it all and especially the way he pokes fun at himself. The novel urges you to find freedom, to get away from daily routine and to find love." - Emina C.

"Waves, sand, traces is a great current novel, with events that mirror real life, entertaining comebacks and moments of melancholy overshadowed by the power of the present moment. The humor of the story, the shocking metaphors that spring from the text unexpectedly, the inside jokes of the characters and the sarcasm with cultural references, attract the reader into a bohemian vacation at the beach, enjoying its last days full of nostalgia and into off season." - Marius C. 

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