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The English version of the book will be available soon.

short stories WITH and ABOUT beer

Alexandru Patachi

Emotions, thoughts and feelings gathered and noted over the knees through the years, on various meridians, watered with tears of beer and moments of joy, melancholy and optimism, about a world in motion that revolves around its existence.

about the author:

A Transylvanian-born writer with studies in economics and marketing, passionate traveler, always eager to discover new meridians and characters through speech and, more recently, photography, Alexandru Patachi incites the world to tolerance, freedom, love and beauty with that original dose of self-irony that characterizes him.

The meeting
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The farewell
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"This book is a quick read, set out to put a smile on your face. The author managed to capture fragments of real life in his stories…the fears, the loves, the painful introspections and lots of smiles. A delicious mix of humor, intriguing dialogues and characters that abound in nuances and feelings, and all of these over beer." - Ramona I.

"A collection of stories gathered like a funny array of life moments; all captured with the philosophically enhanced insight of the spiritual beer consumer. A book that grants the beer the importance it deserves, as an intrinsic part of the community’s social and cultural life. To be read melancholically in quarantine and in an inspiring way when the terraces are open once again." - Marius A.


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